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Mayworks Halifax Festival!

May 1st is marked throughout the world as International Workers’ Day, or May Day. Recently we spoke with S├ębastien Labelle, artistic director of the Mayworks Halifax Festival, about what attendees can expect at this year’s celebrations.

When and why did you first get involved with the festival? I first became involved as a featured artist in 2012. I was a member of Puppets Et Cetera!, a street theatre group with whom I presented a show about food production through the use of migrant labour. I presented another show with Puppets Et Cetera! in 2013. This time about the history of May Day. In that same year, I joined the volunteer organizing committee that produced the festival through the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council. In 2014, I took the lead as volunteer organizer of the festival, and in 2016, following the incorporation of the festival as a non-profit, I was hired as the Festival Director. I became involved initially as a performer and artist interested in politicall…

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