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Hearts of Darkness

Familiar Terrain

Blonde Ambition

Strike Out Homophobia

Strike Out Homophobia is a fundraiser for The Youth Project with all funds being used for The Youth Projects education programs. The event takes place this Sunday from 1pm-4pm at Fairlanes Bowling in the Halifax Shopping Center. Halifax writer Lee-Anne Poole is hosting the festivities.
How and why did you get involved with Strike Out Homophobia? I worked on The Youth Projects last fundraiser. Their Annual Fundraising Brunch and Auction, the board of The Youth Project saw the need for another fundraiser to specifically help with the education and outreach programs The Youth Project offers and so we all got back together to brainstorm on what event that could be.
What is the event's core agenda & goals? It's a bowl-a-thon! Its primary goal is to raise money for an extremely worthy cause and to have fun doing it! The Youth Project is a huge resource to schools, teachers and educators. Students don’t often learn about sexual orientation or gender identity in the classroom unless …

Man of Steele

Steele Story by Anthony Arsenault
Flashback; It's 1991. I'm sitting in a junior high class, listening to my friend tell tales of how he would make it big in Nashville someday. Every one sort of chuckles, but determination and strong resolve could be seen on his face even then. I didn't know then if he'd be successful, but I hoped he would.
Flash forward 22 years, and that young aspiring country singer is on the cusp of launching a career that already seems to have no limits. His name is Steele, and like the metal, he was unyielding in his determination, and it has paid off.
I had a chance to have a little Q&A with my friend Steele. I hope you all enjoy it
You have been interested in country music since you were young. What or who was your earliest influence? What was it about that influence that drew you in? My mom introduced me to country music. My dad is a fisherman and was always at sea and when he was gone my mom played her guitar and sang songs by Patsy Cline, The …