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Gone Fishing!

In case you missed it in Halifax this past May, now is your chance to experience Fishing, Jeremy Webb's hilarious and insightful look at the Internet dating domain. The witty production runs from August 9-11 in Antigonish, NS, and then again from August 16-18, and August 21-25 in Sackville, NB.
To write Fishing, did you literally date seven (or more) different women in a seven day period? Haha! Yes I did…a few years ago now, when the play was first forming in my mind. I had had the basic concept for the show and thought I should give it a go myself. (I was single at the time, so that was ok.) I met some very nice people…and some strange people who probably thought I was strange.It definitely reinforced my idea that internet dating was ripe for picking for a theatrical treatment. Not all of the things that happened that week are in the play.
What was of the stranger moments from your Internet dating research? I think a couple of the stranger moments are in the play, but not …

The Year of Ageing Well Together

Night & Day

Christian Cardell Corbet

Christian Cardell Corbet is recognized as one of Canada's foremost portraitists. His authorized commissioned portraits of celebrities such as Dame Jane Goodall and Margaret Atwood to forensic facial reconstruction art has earned him international acclaim. His art medallions, paintings, busts and forensic sculptures have been collected by over 80 art galleries, museums and special collections globally.

Canadian Boxwood Music Festival!

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is the place to be over the next seven days to discover music, ballad & dance traditions amid one of North America's most exquisite 18th century seaside towns. Boxwood presents a full range of classes with world renowned experts in the realms of traditional folk, early music & dance. Chris Norman, director of the Canadian Boxwood Music Festival, tells us why.