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Kim Coates & KAZAN CO-OP!

Halifax will get “up close and personal” with actor Kim Coates at a fundraiser for the non-profit theatre company, KAZAN CO-OP, on Saturday, April 6th at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax.

Originally from Saskatoon, Coates has been in over 50 plays and 30 films. He is most recently known for his role as Tig Trager, the most disturbingly violent member of the motorcycle gang featured in the TV series Sons of Anarchy. “It’s so funny because Kim plays such violent guys, but he’s a sweetheart,” says co-founder of KAZAN, Kathryn MacLellan, who will be interviewing Coates in the style of Inside the Actors Studio at the event.
Coates and MacLellan first met playing Action and Graziella in Neptune Theatre’s production of West Side Story (1983) when they were partnered up in dance scenes. MacLellan says that working together was a “blast” and that the physical and vocal warm-ups were particularly hilarious. “I really remember Kim had to sing Gee, Officer Krupke (♪Dear kindly Sergeant Krupke/You gotta…

Better World Art

Arts East got to travel by fibre optic and wire, south of the border to the other side of the continent. There, in southern California, was and is Gerald Zwers, a prolific artist who is probably the most therapeutic individual a person can ever hope to chat with. Zwers told us about his latest project—Better World Art. He is striving to create a global forum of artists, of every media/style imaginable, that share a common goal—to create with the purpose of benefitting others and the Earth as a whole.  ~ Story by Michelle Brunet
Gerald Zwers can’t even remember the first time he started creating art. He does, however, remember an Easter morning when he was just four years old. He couldn’t find his Easter basket, so his mother told him drawing a picture might help. Zwers raced over to a cupboard that held his very own stash of regularly-used art supplies, where of course the basket was hiding.
Decades later, Zwers is still an inexhaustible artist, often working all through the night in hi…

The Triumph of Love

From Tuesday (March 26) to Saturday (March 30), DalTheatre presents The Triumph of Love. This French comedic play was written by Pierre de Marivaux and was first performed in 1732 by the Théâtre Italien. The eight Dalhousie students, in their final year of the acting program, will be performing the story that begins with Princess Léonide disguising herself as a man in the name of re-establishing Agis—the man she loves—to his rightful spot on the throne. The Triumph of Love is classified as Commedia dell’Arte, an energetic comic-dramatic art form (that originated in 16th century Italy) characterized by extreme physicality, improvisation and vibrant costumes and/or masks. It is then most fitting, as you will see in the interview below, that Gabrielle Houle is directing the piece. Read on as Houle describes her own intriguing theatrical background and some of the creative exercises she and her team have done to prepare for this week’s performances. ~ Story by Michelle Brunet

“Audience mem…

Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii!

Thirty Books Nominated for 2013 Atlantic Book Awards

Atlantic Book Awards press release, March 20, 2013 [Source:]Scroll down for the Shortlist of Books/AuthorsThe Atlantic Book Awards Society is pleased to announce the full shortlist for the ten different book prizes that make up the 2013 Atlantic Book Awards. The thirty books up for awards represent the wide range of literary works being produced in Atlantic Canada—from traditional novels to cutting edge fiction; thought-provoking non-fiction and deeply researched books on Atlantic Canadian history, to poetry; and illustrated children’s picture books to novels written for teens and young adults. The full shortlist is printed below and is available at
Among the more familiar names on the shortlist are media personality and CTV Atlantic’s meteorologist, Cindy Day for her weather-related book, Grandma Says (Nimbus Publishing); prolific and celebrated Newfoundland no…