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Craft Alliance/Alliance Métiers D’Arts

Craft Alliance/Alliance métiers d’arts serves to promote and foster Atlantic Canada’s vibrant craft sector through facilitating sustainable business opportunities for craftspeople. Bernard M. Burton, Executive Director of Craft Alliance, discusses the creation of the Alliance (originating from the Atlantic Craft Trade Show), its role and successes, and how craft producers/businesses can directly expand their professional careers.

When did you first become involved with the Atlantic Craft Trade Show?
BB: I took over responsibility for the Atlantic Craft Trade Show (ACTS) in May 2000. I had previously been with the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and I had a background in production craft and retail, so the trade show was a natural fit for my background. At the time ACTS was managed by the four Atlantic provincial governments. The trade show has been around now for 37 years.

How did Craft Alliance come to fruition?
BB: The development of Craft Alliance came about in 2005 in a discussi…

Culture Days Spotlight ~ Carbonear, Newfoundland

Today through Sunday (September 27-29), “thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities that invite the public to participate ‘behind-the-scenes,’ to discover the world of artists, creators, historians, architects, curators, designers and other creative people in their communities” are taking place across Canada as part of the fourth annual Culture Days.
Hundreds of cities and towns are participating in the national celebration. You can find out what’s going on in your neck of the woods here.
The Carbonear Public Library in Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador is one such organization hosting a Culture Days event. Located on the Avalon peninsula, the town of Carbonear is one of North America’s oldest permanent settlements.
“Carbonear is one of the most beautiful towns, I think, in Newfoundland with incredible community spirit especially for history andthe arts,” says Carbonear Public Library Technician, TraceyL. Vaughan-Evans.“There is so much on the go and happeninghere, right do…

The Ride of a Lifetime ~ Atlantic Balloon Fiesta

Arts East Contributor, Almira Robinson, shares the uplifting experience celebrating a very special milestone at “Atlantic Canada’s most colourful festival”.

Words and Photos by Almira Robinson
This year I got to attend the 28th Annual Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Fiesta from a different perspective – from the air. It is my favorite outdoor event. For New Brunswickers and others it closes out the summer with helicopter and amusement rides, a car show and craft fair. But the highlight for most is the early morning and evening balloon launches and the spectacular moon glow at night from Princess Louise Park.
Like a 50 year old kid, I was excited. There is nothing like the sound of children young and old enjoying live music from the Atlantic Superstore Bandstand and the smell of popcorn and cotton candy.  
This year was special for me because I had not been since 2009. A recent cancer survivor and soon to be celebrating the one year anniversary of my stem cell transplant that saved my life, a fri…

Laura Smith is Back!

EVERYTHING IS MOVING By Laura Smith Borealis Records (2013)
Review by Roger Douglas Bursey
Released in 2013, Everything Is Moving is Laura Smith’s first recording in 16 years and, for her scores of loyal fans, the long anticipated wait is finally over.
Since her last album (from 1997 when Smith’s career was soaring) she suffered a series of debilitating accidents that left her in chronic pain, resulting in a dependency on prescription drugs. This nearly robbed her of her musical prowess to write and perform, and robbed her fans, for a time, from relishing in her haunting and lamenting vocals. 
In 2010, through sheer perseverance and a courageous choice of alternative pain treatments, she was able to step from the shadows of her addiction to perform and eventually record, Everything Is Moving. And, truly everything is moving in her life and her career; but what of her songs on this album?
Recorded at Borealis Records, this latest offering of originals and Celtic traditionals, includes Smith&…

Compañía Azul

Fans of flamenco are in for a real treat this weekend as Compañía Azul takes over the Neptune Studio Theatre on Friday and Saturday night for two soirees of Spanish passion. Recently AE spoke with one of the troupe’s principal dancers Sandra Bornemann about what audiences can expect to experience.
What got you into flamenco? I have always loved dancing and have studied dance since the age of 4. However, the first time I saw flamenco dance, I was blown away! The passion, rhythms, unapologetic emotions and brazen attitude - it drew me in and I craved more. Initially I was too intimidated by the complex hand movements and footwork technique to try it out myself. Eventually however, in my mid-twenties I found a flamenco school and began taking classes. That was 8 years ago and there's been no looking back!
Are they the same reasons you do it today? Definitely! And the reasons I do it have only increased with time. I love the power and confidence embedded within the femininity of the movem…

Steel Magnolias

Halifax’s Theatre Arts Guild kicks-off its 2013-2014 season tomorrow night (September 19) with Steel Magnolias, the warm and witty story of six women who come together out of tragedy. Recently AE spoke with Director Nick Jupp about the production.
What inspired you to get involved with theatre? As a child I knew my father was an occasional amateur actor but I never saw him on stage. My own children were involved with the Neptune Theatre School and we live on the same street as Theatre Arts Guild so all the circumstances were right to get me started.
Are they the same reasons that you do it today? Not at all, it's now a hobby that has allowed me to try several technical activities, design work, acting and directing. The range of interesting activities is enormous.
How did you get involved with Steel Magnolias? The play was submitted to the Theatre Arts Guild selection committee with my name attached as a willing director.
What are the challenges of putting the production together? Getting…

Philip Croucher’s Road to the NHL

With another hockey season on the horizon, Halifax author, journalist and sports enthusiast Philip Croucher has released his first full-length book Road to the NHL, the stories of 25 Maritimers and their journey to the big leagues. Recently, AE hit the ice with Croucher to discuss his debut effort.
What inspired/motivated you to write Road to the NHL? Writing a book has always been a dream of mine, but I didn't really know how to get started, or what to write about. Then, out of the blue, John MacIntyre of MacIntyre Publishing approached me about an idea he had for a hockey book - to tell the stories of Maritimers and their roads to making the NHL. My name was mentioned as someone who could write the book because of my background in sports reporting. I was on board with the project from my first meeting with John. From there, the next two years were spent lining up the players' for interviews and writing their stories in a way that both a hockey, and non-hockey fan, would enjoy.…

Atlantic Film Festival ~ Some of Today’s Screenings

Let the Daylight into the Swamp
Every family has a history. Jeffrey St. Jules has created a piece where even those beyond the bloodline—strangers—want to learn more about the secrets of his relations. Let the Daylight into the Swamp tells the story of the northern Ontario nomadic lifestyle of St. Jules’s grandparents and their children. The film is whimsically entertaining (through silent picture-style vignettes, artistic animation and amusing narration by Matthew Rankin), while modern day interviews poke and probe at buried emotions. What’s quite clever with St. Jules’ film is the blurred line between imagination and reality as he searches for the truth about his own father’s upbringing.
Screenings (along with Regret) Today, Sept. 15: 11:30AM

Secretariat’s Jockey: Ron Turcotte
If you know nothing about horse racing, you might wonder why you’ve never been to the track after watching Secreta…

Atlantic Film Festival ~ Bad Coyote

Bad Coyote
Director and Writer: Jason Young Distributor: National Film Board
Updated Oct. 23, 2013 
Scroll down for upcoming Screenings  

Making its world premiere at the Atlantic Film Festival, Bad Coyote takes an in-depth look at the “coywolf” (half coyote, half wolf) that has migrated to Eastern Canada.
In response to 19-year old Taylor Mitchell being fatally mauled by two coyotes in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, followed by a number of other coyote attacks/sightings, the Nova Scotia government issued a bounty on the animal.
A researcher, a trapper, a natural resources officer, a sheep farmer, an RCMP officer (who was one of the first on the national park attack scene), and Mitchell’s mother are followed throughout the documentary, each sharing their personal connection to the coywolf. Jason Young is applauded for presenting such a range of perspectives, highlighting the controversial nature of “managing”, or living alongside, animals in the wild. The viewpoint Mitchell’s mot…