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Gorsebrook Junior High presents Dear Edwina Jr.

Tonight and tomorrow night, Gorsebrook Junior High School in Halifax presents the madcap comedy Dear Edwina Jr. Recently we spoke with teacher Jane Scott about the production.
What are your roles and responsibilities at the school? JS: I teach Science, Technology Education and English.

Why the decision to put this production together? JS: Six years ago when I came to Gorsebrook and asked students what they wanted that they did not have, they said a drama club. So many kids came out that year and we decided to do a musical. This will be our 5th musical, and each year we have found there is interest in the project, and always lots of talent in our school.
What are the challenges involved? JS: Unlike a high school we do not offer courses such as dance or drama during class time, so everything is done at lunches or afterschool. Our students are very busy with many afterschool activities as well, so we started this show the last week of November and have been rehearsing most days at lunch since …


Theatre-goers in Halifax are in for a real treat over the next few days, as TheatreSpeak presents Mimi, Allen Cole's tongue-in-cheek musical farce based on the true story of France's most infamous serial killer - the tempestuous Marquise de Brinvilliers - at the Neptune Studio Theatre. Recently, show’s producer Kyle Gillis filled us in on what audiences can expect.
How long have you been involved in theatre, and in what capacity? Professionally, I've been working in theatre for over 10 years, but I've been involved in theatre since a young age. Growing up in Antigonish, I started doing plays in school, then got heavily involved in community theatre, which provided me with a great foundation for when I headed out west to attendThe Canadian College of Performing Artsin Victoria, BC. I've done everything from performing, to doing the technical sides of things, to creating theatre, to producing. You sort of have to be a jack of all trades in this business, wearing many d…

“Art for Everyone”

Halifax’s Veith Street Gallery Studio Association is an organization that fosters artists with disabilities and advocates “art for everyone”. Guest contributor Christopher Jackson shares about his extensive involvement with the organization, including advancing his artistic skills, recreating the Gallery’s website and founding the Creative Spirits Photographers club.

by Christopher Jackson
In August of 2006, I bought my first digital camera and began my digital photography journey. By late fall 2007, I was looking for an avenue to showcase/ sell my works.  One day, at Team Work Cooperative/Workbridge, I was talking with one of the job facilitators about this and she mentioned the Veith Street Gallery, a place for people with disabilities to practice and showcase their art, as an option.
I looked into in the Fall of 2007, and became an official member that Winter for the 2008 year. Over the next five years, I developed my photography skills, using suggestions by our then curator, Mike McC…

Top 10 Romantic East Coast Songs

For your Valentine’s listening pleasure we present you with 10 top tracks, in no particular order, from some very talented Atlantic Canadian musicians. Some are romantic as in “Wow I’m falling for you,” while others are like “Baby I miss you, please don’t go.” Some may not be normally classified as romantic at all, but their melodies could potentially inspire passionate scenes.
“Beothuk Words” – Steve Bowers (featuring Christina Martin)
“Fare Thee Well Love” – The Rankins
“If I Should Fall Behind” – Rose Cousins (featuring Mark Erelli)
“Sucker” – Mo Kenney
“Wish You Were” - Tim Crabtree
“Sing to Me” – Dylan Guthro & Breagh Mackinnon
“Midnight” – Matthew Hornell (featuring Christina Dicks)

The Noble Pursuit

Ryan Van Horne stars as Noble Harmsworth in Theatre Arts Guild’s production of Douglas Bowie’s The Noble Pursuit, which begins tonight at the Pond Playhouse in Halifax. Recently we spoke with Van Horne about what audiences can expect during the run.

How long have you been involved in theatre, and in what capacity? RVH: I got involved last January when I made a submission to Theatre Arts Guild's inaugural playwrights' festival. When it was accepted, I was ecstatic, but I had to turn my brief proposal into a play. It was a challenge, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. While watching the cast rehearse the play, I became enamoured with theatre. When I saw my first play performed on stage, I was hooked and knew I had to write another one.
How did you get involved with this particular production? RVH: As a playwright, I wanted to explore the actor's role because I thought it would give me a better perspective on the challenges they face when memorizing lines and rehearsing. I've also …

Love is in the Air … This Week in Atlantic Canada

Love is in the air this week, but the Atlantic Canadian arts are our Valentine every day of the year! (too sappy?)
If you would like to take that special someone out on a date, or multiple dates this week, what’s more romantic than an exhibit, a play, an art lecture, a dance party or a cabaret? And if you’re single don’t be scared to mingle…You may meet your arts-loving soul mate attending an event, such as one these featured below.
New Brunswick
DOCTalks Festival (Fredericton) Now-Feb. 16 Documentary screenings at various Fredericton venues
Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s Glencross Gallery (Fredericton) CONSUME by local artist Allison Green Until March 3rd
Jessica Rhaye Riverview Arts Centre presents at Chocolate River Station (Riverview) Feb. 12 @ 7:30pm
Shaun LeBlanc and Kevin McIntyre’s Fren-glish Empress Theatre (Moncton) Feb. 13, 7:30pm
The Winter Warming Dance Par…

Craig Cardiff Sings Our Truths

Juno-nominated Craig Cardiff is back in Atlantic Canada this weekend, playing shows in Fall River (today), Halifax (tomorrow) and St. John’s (Sunday). An excerpt from the troubadour’s bio reads, “…Cardiff is considered a pioneer in alternate venue touring, often appearing in churches, camps, prisons, basements, festivals, kitchens and even taking to the streets…” This weekend’s gigs are a case in point. Tonight Cardiff will be performing in a living room as part of Point Rock’s house concert series; one of his Newfoundland shows will be at Moksha Yoga. Last year I attended one of Cardiff’s performances at The Company House in Halifax. I had always been a fan of the singer-songwriter’s soulful voice. Hearing him live was naturally even more gratifying—one of those rare times when quality music prevents your thoughts from racing towards the future or past. What I was not expecting—and what added the gig to my list of most memorable concert experiences—was Cardiff’s half side-splitting, ha…