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CRE8 Arts Centre

In a year-and-a-half a lot has changed at a certain site on the Pubnico Harbour in West Pubnico, Nova Scotia. What started as a vision has blossomed into an exciting reality.  The CRE8 Arts Centre a full-fledged arts centre, guest house and performance venue: We caught up with Marla Niekamp, who co-owns the arts centre with her husband Walter, and Alexandra Rodgerson, CRE8’s president, to find out what’s been going on at their picturesque location on the Acadian Shore.

Since we caught up with you back in the fall of 2013, a lot has happened! How did your vision become a reality?

Marla:We incorporated our wee business, in anticipation of some real sudden growth spurts. Once people started finding out what we're doing and why, most responded quite favourably, and even with some excitement. We understood we had to establish a diversity of offerings and income opportunities. It can be very difficult, near impossible, to maintain the operating costs of an art centre, strictly with…

Halifax Dance Seen

A prolific dancer, Kara Friesen of Halifax is “interested in finding out how our city can dance together.”
Friesen recently started a blog, Halifax Dance Seen, to inform locals of all things dance, whether they have no experience as a spectator/performer or are long time, professional dancers.
In this Q&A, Friesen opens up about her love for dance, the city’s scene and how you can connect with it via her blog.

Tell us a little bit about yourselfKF: Originally from Wolfville Nova Scotia, I've danced from a very young age at various commitment levels and trained in various dance genres. I moved to Montreal at a young age and trained intensely in ballet and eventually graduated from Concordia with a BFA in contemporary dance. I was involved in a non profit dance company called SBDC that used dance as a tool to nurture the community around them, especially causes for women. Since I've moved back to Halifax, I engrossed myself in the lively dance scene here involved with Votive…

St. Michael’s Printshop

St. Michael’s Printshop located in St. John’s Newfoundland is an artist-run studio that has really made its mark in artistic communities on a local and global scale. “From its inception in 1972, St. Michael’s reputation as a nexus for printers and printmaking in Newfoundland has spread, attracting artists from around the world,” describes the Association of Artist Run Centres from the Atlantic. “Today, it is recognized as one of the country’s premier visual arts establishments through which a forceful exploration of the physical and spiritual landscape continues to take place.”
“We are an open space and are always happy to have visitors,” says SMP’s Business and Events Manager, Erin Heys. Recently we caught up with Heys to learn about the Printshop’s intriguing history, how it supports emerging and established artists and some of its thrilling creations and accomplishments throughout the years.

How long have you been involved with St. Michael's Printshop and in what capacity?  EH: I…

PEI Author Jaime Lee Mann

Jaime Lee Mann writes every day as a copywriter and ghostwriter. She also writes fiction under her own name and late last year had her first, very own, middle grade novel published. Elora of Stone is the first book in Mann’s Legend of Rhyme Series which describes the magical adventures of two twins, who were separated when one disappeared at the age of four, and who must find each other before an evil sorcerer takes over the world.
We caught up with the PEI author to learn more about herself and her stories.

Where are you from originally? JLM: Lower Rollo Bay. (A teensy speck on the east coast of Prince Edward Island.)
Why do you think at nine years old you decided you wanted to be an author when you grew up? (What inspired this?) JLM: I feel like it was decided for me that I would grow up to be an author. I don't remember a time when I was not dreaming up stories. I loved writing. But I got the hugest thrill when classmates enjoyed reading my work. I remember my friends getting a kic…