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Mr. Big

Mr. Bigis the shocking true story of a murder investigation in Newfoundland and Labrador that forever changed the face of the Canadian justice system. Recently we spoke with co-author Colleen Lewis about the work.
What inspired you to write Mr. Big? I spent several years at the start of my career in print media - I've always been drawn toward the idea of writing a novel at some point in my career. When I began covering the trial in 2007, it wasn't long before I realized there was much more to the story than could be covered in a two minute story each night. Then my next source of inspiration came in 2013. Jennifer (who had supported her husband throughout the trial) called me with a request for a television interview. She had been going door-to-door with a petition to make sure her ex-husband didn't return to Gander, and she was also afraid of him. At this point, there was a possibility he could be out on bail. When I entered her apartment, I was surrounded by pictures of th…


The Atlantic Flamenco Festival wraps up this week with a Gala Soiree at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax. Recently we spoke with festival founder and director Maria Osende about what audiences can expect.
What got you into flamenco? The artistic freedom of expression, the passion, the drama - I love the drama!
Are they the same reasons you do it today? Yes, exactly the same ones!

What are they challenges involved? As you know working in the arts is challenging but so worth it. The biggest challenge for us here is that many people don’t know about flamenco, and many cannot even imagine that such amazing artist would be coming here to Halifax, so thank you for helping us spread the news.
What are the rewards? Flamenco really touches people’s souls in a way that is hard to describe, we all need inspiration, passion and beauty in our lives, flamenco is all that and much more, is an art form that goes well beyond cultural boundaries.
How did Joaquin Grio get involved, and what can we expect to experien…

The Story of the Basilica of St. John the Baptist

The Story of the Basilica of St. John the Baptistexamines the stories, myths, and personalities surrounding St. John’s beautiful Basilica. Recently we spoke with Newfoundland author Susan Chalker Browne about the book.
What inspired you to put this work together? I’ve always been fascinated by the story of the Basilica of St. John the Baptist andabout 10 years ago actually considered writing a children’s book about it. I’d started the research but quickly realized the scope of the material was too much for a children’s book; basically I couldn’t decide what to leave out.  So I put it aside and moved on to other projects. Then two years ago, following a meeting at the Archdiocese I happened to mention to Anne Walsh, executive assistant to the Archbishop, that I always wanted to write a book about the Basilica. She looked at me, her eyes widened, and she said, “Really? Are you serious? Come with me!” She led me through a narrow corridor, down a winding flight of stairs and out a small doo…