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One of Canada’s finest playwrights is back with a powerful new play that explores the relationship formed in a Washington State penitentiary during the 1960s between Alvin ‘Creepy’ Karpis and Charles Manson. Recently we spoke with Mike Melski about his new work - which debuts this coming Thursday night in Halifax - and what audiences can expect during the run.
What inspired you to write Creepy & Little Manson? I've been compelled by the Manson story for a long time. Professionally, I wanted to do something very different from Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad, The Fly Fisher's Companion, and Eighteen. I needed to challenge myself with something very different. My career began with very dark material like Joyride, Heartspent, and Black Silence, so I was looking forward to going back there for a change. When I realized Alvin Karpis was a Canadian, I felt like there was a connection to my home country there that had never been explored in all the narratives about Manson. And no one had lo…

Women Beware Women

This week, The Villain’s Theatre in Halifax presents ‘Women Beware Women’, a sharp, ruthless, power trip of a play – picture a feminist Taming of the Shrew that unravels into Titus Andronicus – with a fast-paced narrative that leaves very few standing and no one looking good. Recently we spoke with director Keelin Jack about what audiences can expect.
What are your own roots? I was born in Tatamagouche, and grew up mostly in Truro.
How long have you been involved in theater, and in what capacity? I started doing theatre in high school - I had been pretty dedicated to competitive horseback riding, and my horse got injured so I ended up at summer theatre camps, Neptune Theatre School and NOSCO Academy of Theatre Arts in Truro. The high school I went to, Cobequid Educational Centre in Truro, had a surprisingly excellent Fine Arts department, led by some really great teachers like Frank Lambert and Larry Bent and I got to do cool and precocious things like write and direct and star in a 15 mi…