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A Splendid Boy

In the summer of 1914, Daniel Beresford’s innocent love affair with the merchant’s daughter is discovered, forcing him to make an impossible decision to save his family from financial ruin. Recently Newfoundland author Melanie Martin spoke with us about her first book, A Splendid Boy.
When and why did you want to be a writer? When I was in grade seven I wrote and illustrated my first mini book (it was clear from that point on I would never be an artist) and put the book together with cardboard from a cornflake box. I covered the outside flaps neatly with blue wrapping paper (circa 1986 design) and cut to size the white paper, which I sewed into the seam of the cardboard. I was serious! My parents shipped a box of belongings to me a few years ago, while clearing out our family home, and there were dozens of old notebooks with half-written stories in them. Every computer I’ve ever owned has the beginnings of a different story there too. I’ve had a fascination with books my whole life and …


Until July 30, Chester Playhouse presents Ruthless! ~ a campy cult favourite in which the beautiful and talented 12-year-oldTina Denmarkwill do ANYTHING to play the lead in the school play … ANYTHING! The show famously spoofs Broadway musicals such asGypsyandMame, as well as classic films includingThe Bad SeedandAll About Eve. Ruthless! is a 90 minute hilarious romp through the world of Broadway, child acting, parenthood, and unbridled ambition. Recently we spoke with actress Amy Reitsma about what audiences can expect during the run.
When and why did you get involved with theatre? I started getting involved when I was 9 years old. My mom had many friends at the old Neptune Theatre, so we used to go to plays and musicals quite a bit in my youth. I always loved acting and watching theatre, but wasn't bitten by the bug until I met a young actor (who was probably 11, but seemed 18 and completely worldly at the time to my 10 year old mind) at an opening night party of the play 1949. He …

The Girl From Yesterday

Halifax composer, arranger, vocalist and pianistZoe Leger has just released her debut recording The Girl From Yesterday. Recently we spoke with her about her passion and profession.
What inspired you to take up music? Music has always been the answer to my questions. I’ve been singing since I was a little girl and am very fortunate to have always had family and mentors that have supported my musical endeavours. I don’t think there was ever a time in my life when I doubted what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. When the time came to choose which direction I wanted to take my career, I suppose there wasn’t really a choice to be made - music was my only answer!
Are they the same reasons you do it today? Yes and no. Music is still what brings me the most joy and sense of purpose in my life, however when I was young I think it was more about my personal experience writing and making music. Now, I see the joy and excitement that comes from creating music with others and learning from those …

The Ferryland Visitor

In the 1970s, artist Gerald Squires moved, with his wife and two young daughters, into the abandoned lighthouse keeper's house in Ferryland, NL. Shortly after their arrival, they had a visitor - one who claimed to be the former constable of the area and who regaled them with stories of the place and its previous occupants. A visitor, they soon learned, who was more than he appeared to be. Acclaimed children's writer Charis Cotter tells the tale of this mysterious visitor from the perspective of Esther, the youngest daughter. In beautifully crafted language, Cotter captures the delight of a curious young girl discovering her new landscape, the excitement of living in a lighthouse at the edge of the ocean, and the haunting mystery of the visitor himself. Renowned artist Gerald Squires has contributed paintings and drawings of the lighthouse and its surrounding landscape, as well as family photographs taken during the lighthouse years. The result is a book of striking beauty - pa…