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The Call of the Ocean

InThe Call of the Ocean, Jim Wellman profiles some of the most fascinating men and women ever to answer the call of the North Atlantic. Recently we spoke with him about the book.
When and why did you want to be a writer? I took an early retirement from the CBC in 1997. I had worked with the corporation for almost 30 years and for exactly half that time (the last half) I was host of theFisheries Broadcast. The “Broadcast” as it called, had an interesting story of is own and I decided to write it. My book “The Broadcast”was published in 1997.

Are they the same reasons you do it today? The Broadcastbook made me realize that I liked writing. I had never written anything before but it was fun and made me want to do more. As luck would have it, just as my first book was published, I received a call from someone with the TriNav Group of Companies who wanted to start a fisheries publication. I began writing for theNavigator Magazinein October 1997 and continues to do so today. My book stories are…