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Jessica Rhaye

Multi award winning singer-songwriter Jessica Rhaye is feeling comfortable in her own skin these days and it shows; her latest release, Song In Me, embodies that ease with a collection of natural tunes that reflect the seasoned singer-songwriter’s maturing sense of herself and the world. Recently we spoke with her about her career and her new recording.
What is your background? I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick and raised in Hampton, NB, where I still reside. My grandparents are of English and Scottish decent.
When and why did you start performing music? I feel like I have been singing and writing music ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl, 5 years old, my Dad would set up a microphone to his stereo and I would spend hours recording myself on cassette tapes, singing every song I knew, and making up my own song lyrics and melodies. I enrolled in ukulele and violin in elementary school and then joined choirs and theatre arts in junior high and high school as well as voi…

Art Love Forgery

Inspired by true events,Art Love Forgeryis a story of forbidden love in nineteenth-century St. John’s, a legend that lives on within the walls and ceilings of Government House. Recently we spoke with author Carolyn Morgan.
What inspired you to write Art Love Forgery? I first heard about Alexander Pindikowsky’s story on visits to Government House and The Presentation Convent. I was fascinated by the fact that the beautiful ceiling frescoes at Government House were painted by Pindikowsky, in 1880, while he was serving a prison sentence for the crime of forgery. Even more compelling was the fact that there is a small portrait of a woman’s head painted in the ceiling of the ballroom. The popular story is that the portrait is a likeness of Government House parlour maid, Ellen Dormody, since he later married and had a child with a woman of that name.  It is thought that she and Pindikowsky fell in love while he was creating the frescoes. The story was so intriguing that I couldn’t let it go. …