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PEI Author Mo Duffy Cobb’s debut offering, Unpacked: From PEI to Palawan, is a travel memoir of a young family, brokenhearted and hungry for change, that take off on an around the world journey of love and redemption. Recently we spoke with the scribe about the work.
When and why did you want to be a writer? I've always wanted to be a writer, from about Grade 8 on. I knew I was passionate about it and I had fun with it, but I didn't know if I would ever be good at it. After I completed BAs in Literature and Education, I journaled furiously. It wasn't until I attended my first Memoir workshop that I started dedicating myself to making writing a daily practice in a funny and sweet little blog I called, "FurtherMo: A blog of Exploratory Proportions." The blog allowed me to become comfortable in the medium in a very low-stakes way. Eventually, Nova Scotia author Christy Ann Conlin told me I should do a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction, which I pursued at Ver…

Spirit Visible

Gerald Squires searched for the spirit or essence of his subjects, revealed through the lens of his artistic creativity. Now, a new exhibit of his work shares his powerful love of Newfoundland and Labrador’s landscape and people. Recently we spoke with curator Caroline Stone about Squires, his legacy, and what attendees can expect at the exhibit.
How did this show come about? Talks with Gerry about the possibility of a solo exhibition at The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery began about five years ago. The last comprehensive public gallery show about Squires was in 1998, at the Art Gallery of Newfoundland/Art Gallery, Memorial University of Newfoundland, so an updated presentation of his work, scheduled for 2017, was more than timely. Sadly, he fell ill, but he wanted the current exhibition project to continue as planned.
What are your roles and responsibilities there? I was the guest curator for this exhibition, I formulated the exhibition concept, traced Gerry’s career path and artistic prod…